The Wisdom Call

Hello guys! and welcome to another blog post! another equipment for the week! I am not going to lie to you I was having writers block and I didn't know what to write, I had prayer block, I wanted to pray but I wasn't feeling anything and I heard proverbs 8 in my head and … Continue reading The Wisdom Call

Faith Like a Child

Hello guys! and welcome back to another blog post! another equipment for your journey! After looking at what I have been praying about and meditating on, Faith is the element. The Lord spoke to me using Mark 10:15 today [30.10.18] , about having faith like a child, The lord said "Truly I say to you, … Continue reading Faith Like a Child

Seed of Faith.

Hey Guys! And welcome to another blog post, another equipment for your Journey! This week, The spirit of the Lord taught me that many of us are focusing on other things such as, to demonstrate the fruit of the spirit or for jobs, college degrees, to excel in Uni and school etc Yes all in … Continue reading Seed of Faith.


Hey guys! Welcome back to Faithfully Equipped, If you don't know who I am and its the first time seeing my blog, Hello! Make sure to subscribe and follow me for more, I am a christian blogger,  I have been writing for almost a year now [I think] On and off, I get a word … Continue reading Idolisation.